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Product & Proces Engineering

Product & Process Engineering & Realisation

Exerion has a compact group of specialized designers, engineers, prototype builders and tool makers. Through the years, thanks to our focus strategy for frames and systems with great position accuracy, we have gained a unique collection of knowledge and experience where OEM product knowledge merges with manufacturing process features.

Frame construction knowledge in general, combined with paper support processes, robotics and fixture technology developed in-house make Exerion a unique player in its field. We are proud to say that we have carried out development and engineering assignments for almost all renowned OEM firms in the field of medical diagnostics and document processing.

A typical Exerion engineering design cycle has the following structure:

Functional model

Engineering Model

Proto validation

Production Model


Tool building & Validation

Ramp up



Process validation


In this type of process, we are generally part of a customer (sub) design team. In a project environment we systematically deliver engineering deliverables using gates/milestone methods. Pro-E, Unigraphics and Solid Works are a few of the systems that our engineers work with as a matter of course. We communicate using modern, internet-based communication channels.

An in-house Proto and Tool Shop and an in-house Measurement technology & Quality part release department ensure that we can quickly validate the engineering steps. In addition, if necessary we can build specific manufacturing equipment in the field of fastening or robot welding technology.


Within Exerion, manufacturing involves the production of position-critical and therefore accurate components and structures, mainly using sheet metal and tubes in small to medium-sized series. Practically all manufacturing processes in this field are represented in our manufacturing facilities: punching, laser punching, bending, pressing, various riveting processes, Mig/Tig welding (with or without robot), cleaning and measuring.

Using specific in-house automation these processes have been adapted for efficient and more particularly flexible manufacturing in a Low Volume, High Mix environment. We outsource manufacturing of large series of sheet work at specialized companies in Central Europe and Asia.

For frames, which need need mechanical finishing because of extra precision and stiffness, we use the services of specialized partners. In the near future we will have this type of equipment in-house.

This also applies to a surface process like powder coating. We outsource other surface processes like KTL coating, wet coating, galvanization and chroming processes. Exerion manufacturing operations are located in Ulft (The Netherlands), Olomouc (Czech Republic) and Penang (Malaysia).


Exerion’s services also include the assembly of modules and systems. Procurement & Supply Management, Assembly & Testing, Shipping & Delivery are important elements within this activity which has strong ties with the manufacturing activities, where the function and position-critical components are produced.


Various assembly levels are possible. Within our organization, assembly up to a complete final level with final test, configured by country or otherwise, is a rather a rule than an exception. The correspondding UL, TÜV tests and certification are standard part of this.

In assembly activities – even more than in manufacturing activities – suppliers determine the success of the operation. So supplier-based management and logistics have an important place in the assembly activity. Especially since the focus within Exerion is on Low Volume, High Mix, the number of suitable suppliers is small.

We work on the basis of commodity groups, product classes and contract types. This is controlled using forecasts, orders and stand-by orders that are passed on to the suppliers.

Delivery & logistics

Nowadays, products are manufactured on one continent and sold on another. This is also true for a substantial share of the components and systems manufactured by Exerion. Nevertheless, we are able to offer our customers local ‘Just in Time’ delivery.

Using our World Wide Logistics unit in combination with Logistical Service Providers allows Vendor Managed Inventory and Line Preparation Activities in both the US and Europe. World Wide Logistics services are carried out in Ulft (The Netherlands) and Rochester (US).

Program Management & Industrialization

Program Management & Industrialisation is the heart of our organization. We develop and manufacture precision frames and modules and in addition we provide all other process phases in the lifecycle of our products as Contract Operations Partner for our customers. This is controlled by our Program Management & Industrialisation department; from development and co-engineering through the manufacturing start-up and the operational phase up to and including completion and delivery. Effective, industrial project and program management ensures the ideal balance between all phases.