Human Touch

High Tech

Company Profile

Exerion Precision Technology is an industrial management organization that develops high-quality modules and systems, manufactures them in small to medium-sized series an delivers them across the globe to renowned OEM companies. These OEM companies mainly operate in the medical, document processing, semi-conductor and industrial industries.

In-house management

Characteristic for these systems is the high degree of position accuracy under static and dynamic loads. From this perspective, we always manage the manufacture of the position-critical frame structures and parts in-house, using hightech sheet metal and using welding robot technology.

Program organization

The coordination and management of the engineering, implementation, launch and management of these systems and structures takes place from a centrally managed program organisation. Manufacturing takes place in one or more of the specialized Exerion factories. If required, global delivery in combination with Vendor Managed Inventory Services is possible through Exerion World Wide Logistics.


Exerion has branches in Ulft (The Netherlands), Olomouc (Tsjechië) en Rochester (VS) and we are part of ACM Group in Penang (Maleisië) Within this group we focus on smaller series and are responsible for developments in the field of frame and welding robot technology, as well as for complex assemblies.


In addition to contributing our specific technical knowledge in the field of product related and process related position accuracy, we want to improve our customers’ competitive position by offering customized operational solutions.
Central to our philosophy is a personal approach and a service-oriented attitude in every Exerion employee combined with the right balance between professionalism and critical craftsmanship. The premise is ourHuman Touch High Tech’ -philosophy.

Working with Exerion

Customers come to Exerion with complete industrial projects. Within the industries we operate in, we are uniquely informed about the product and its application. In addition, we relieve our customers of the burden of development, engineering, program management, manufacturing, assembly, logistics and maintenance (refurbishment).

We have developed a number of dedicated tools to manage this range of complex industrial processes. On the basis of our specific expertise, we are a fully-fledged partner from start to finish in the industries where we operate.

High Tech

We use the latest equipment and resources when carrying out our activities, not only in manufacturing and assembly but also in engineering and development and the management of the logistical processes.

We increasingly use web-enabled applications for concurrent engineering, program management and supply chain management. The Exerion engineering repertoire also includes simulation technology based on the finite element method.

Human Touch

Our specialists are innovative, service-oriented, enthusiastic and reliable. They are fast movers with a strong international focus. Working with Exerion means working with people who know what they are talking about and are full of energy and commitment as they take you, their customer, ‘by the hand’. We know the market, the product and the application, we suggest ideas based on our knowledge and experience and we work with determination on innovative solutions. Continuous education and training ensures that the latest developments are embedded in the skills of our staff. A strong personal effort and team work ensure achievements at a state-of-the-art level. Exerion gives you a head start in your market place.