Products and markets

Exerion designs, manufactures and delivers services and products for a range of industries

Document processing

We design, manufacture and deliver services and products for a range of industries. The document processing industry has a prominent position. Examples include copiers, but nowadays also mail sorting machines, high-speed ink jet printers, digital printing machines (in the after press and pre-press processes) and ATMs. Thanks to years of experience in this industry, we have acquired specific expertise in the field of paper transport and processing (paper web, sheet containers, staplers, stackers and paper cutters) in addition to our general frame and cover knowledge.

Medical & analytical

The majority of our products for the medical industry is used to build machines for chemical and biochemical testing. In these machines, robots move large numbers of test tubes from one station to the other at very high speed. An essential aspect of this is accuracy with high dynamic load in combination with a high quality heat system to create the necessary climatic test conditions.

With 15 years of experience within this product group, our engineers are technically qualified partners for our customers in this industry. Naturally, we are also aware of the requirements for manufacturing, for example related to specific solutions for the integration of robotics.

For cost reasons, we try to find as many constructive solutions as possible using sheet metal and tubes. If heavier structures are needed for stiffness reasons, then we can take care of finishing. We also use this type of heavy structure in the semiconductor sub-group.

The Medical & Analytical sub-group involves machines that mainly use radiological or optical technologies. In addition to stiffness and accuracy, protection is often an additional requirement for these technologies.


Wire and die bonders in the semiconductor industry also use very high speeds and must meet high accuracy requirements. Therefore to a certain extent these machines can be compared to medical equipment. The dynamic load is usually even greater. For this reason, in addition to the specific Exerion sandwich frame structures, we sometimes also use heavier materials.


Our customers also include a range of large companies in the industrial field. For these customers, our frame, engineering and manufacturing technologies often provide quality and cost advantages. This involves frames for the packaging industry and general mechanical engineering.